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Queen of Scotland by birth, Queen of France by marriage, and Queen of England by right (some said), the life of Mary Stuart (1542-1587) was the stuff of legend. A monarch at only six days old, Mary’s early years were spent at the glittering court of France. Pampered and indulged, she was little prepared for what lay ahead upon her return to Scotland to take up the reins of power. Murder, scandal, and betrayal would send her fleeing to England to seek the help of her cousin, Queen Elizabeth. Mary’s fateful journey, which began with so much hope, would lead to her greatest tragedy.Roland Hui, author of The Turbulent Crown - The Story of the Tudor Queens, and artist Dmitry Yakhovsky have come together to create a beautiful colouring book which will be enjoyed by all ages. In The Mary, Queen of Scots Colouring Book, Roland Hui’s text introduces the characters, events, and places of this absorbing drama, while Dmitry Yakhovsky’s stunning artwork and your colouring bring them to life. Relax, unwind, and express yourself while learning about the exciting and moving life of the fascinating Mary Stuart.

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