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Panin’s Bible Chronology is a classic work of scholarship on Biblical chronology. Ivan Panin’s Bible Chronology Restored is a word-for-word transcription of the 1939 edition of his 1923 printing. The formatting is duplicated as well as the exact (often archaic) spelling and expressions. Unlike the 1950 ‘revision’, this is faithful to his original work with only the typographical errors corrected.Panin begins with nine Canons by which to approach chronology, providing an approach to the subject which is designed to eliminate useless debate.His second section is a “List” of every given date in the Bible that is relevant. This reference guide, the core of years of research, is valuable to both his and anyone else’s research.The third section is a guided tour through the numerics woven throughout the Chronology. While he could write volumes on the subject, he limits himself to clear examples that have specific impact.The length of this book is deceptively short for the subject matter. However, the reader will find it concentrated and distilled, demanding one’s full attention. The facts are detailed and internally consistent, the “Canons” are salient and would hold up in any court, and the numerics have their own distict appeal.An appendix has been added that shows side-by-side his dates and those of Bishop Ussher, as well as some of Edwin Thiele’s conclusions in the section of the Kings. Those familiar with the classic problems of chronology that are revisited by each generation ...

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