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Sierra Leone exhibits the typical features of a developing country in the African economy with high ratio of foreign trade to gross domestic product (GDP), low level of urbanization and high level of monetization. The financial structure is narrow, with the central bank being the forefront of regulation; the commercial banks and other financial institutions being the key players. After independence the government pursued wide range of planning and development strategies with industrialization at the helm. With a shift in focus to implement rapid rate of economic development, monetary and financial institutions were designed to assume the responsibility of mobilizing domestic resources as capital for development. Therefore, the West African Currency Board (WACB) was found inappropriate in the changed environment and was thus replaced by the Bank of Sierra Leone. The Bank of Sierra Leone (Central Bank) was established to serve as an agency that would build up reputable standards of financial management and integrity. In this instant, the Bank formulated and implemented monetary and supervisory policies to foster sound financial environment. The Bank therefore continues to pursue tight monetary policy position consistent with positive economic growth. The Government has highlighted the importance of the financial sector to realize that long-term goal for 2035, and has designed a Financial Sector Development Plan as a framework for creating a sound and well-functioning financial ...
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