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Лучано Паваротти («Pavarotti In Central Park»), Чарльз Энтони («Puccini, Andris Nelsons: Turandot»), Луис Квилико («Birgit Nilsson. Verdi. Great Scenes From Aida») в постановке Брайан Лардж « Verdi: Rigoletto. Pavarotti / The Metropolitan Opera / Levine » Decca is proud to present this unique recording of Rigoletto. The only filmed stage production featuring Luciano Pavarotti, this Metropolitan Opera performance is now available for the first time on DVD. Recorded in 1981, it presents Pavarotti at the peak of his career, supported by an outstanding cast that includes Louis Quilico in the title role, Christiane Eda-Pierre as Gilda, Ara Berberian as Sparafucile, and Isola Jones as Maddalena, with Met Music Director James Levine on the podium. Relive the excitement of Pavarotti at the Met, including his celebrated renditions of "La donna e mobile" and the final quartet "Bella figlia deN'amore".
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