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Hogans Hope is the heartwarming story of a deaf dog who escaped death during the time when the prevalent belief was that deaf dogs needed to be destroyed. It is the tale of a legendary deaf canine champion who endured severe abuse and prevailed as he turned upside down the myths of deaf dogs being dumb, difficult to train, and harmful. Hogan learned American Sign Language, engaged in normal puppy activities, and provided the hope of lifenot deathfor deaf dogs worldwide. Through perseverance and enduring hope, Hogans courage provided inspiration to anyonehuman or petthat success and genuine love are truly possible. This heroic deaf dog continues to reveal that by choosing hope, anyones dreams can come true, and the world can be filled with steadfast faith, pure joy, and unconditional love. Its a story like none other. Learn more about this intrepid pair as well as the power of love and persistence against seemingly stacked odds. Sit! Read! Enjoy!Dr. Nicholas H. Dodman, professor emeritus, animal behaviorist,Tufts University I have been re-inspired with the notion that all of Gods creation responds powerfully to His loving touch passed on through others. Thanks to Connie and Hogan for teaching us to have eyes to see and ears to hear for all those with two legs or four legs who are around us every day. Read and gain this heartfelt hope for yourself.-Jimmy H. Allen, MinisterInternational Churches of Christ
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