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Michelle Reid is a bestselling Modern author, loved for her intensely passionate romances.Containing a winning combination of 18 glamorous, exciting and sophisticated stories, this collection is set to become a firm reader favourite. Includes…LOVE’S REVENGE – The Italian’s Revenge / A Passionate Marriage / The Brazilian’s Blackmailed BrideHOT-BLOODED HUSBANDS – The Sheikh’s Chosen Wife / Ethan’s Temptress Bride / The Arabian Love-ChildMISTRESS MARRIED! – The Mistress Bride / The Spanish Husband / The Bellini BrideITALIAN DECEPTION -The Salvatore Marriage / A Sicilian Seduction / The Passion BargainBRIDAL BARGAINS – The Tycoon’s Bride / The Purchased Wife / The Price of a BrideGOLD RINGS -Gold Ring Of Betrayal / The Marriage Surrender / The Unforgettable Husband

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