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Moving back home to Ohio after her grandparents are killed in a car crash, Jillian Morgan believes she'll never be happy again. Not even a bag of ""gypsy gold"" gifted to her by a local fortune teller can change Jillian's mind. One evening, while wishing for a white knight, Jillian accidentally spills the gold over an old book of paper dolls, and suddenly, the man of her dreams is standing right before her - in the flesh! The only problem is that just moments before, he was a drawing on a piece of paper. And he certainly wasn't this human. Or this sexy.Daniel Carrington, otherwise known as ""Daniel The Dream Date Doll,"" is every woman's fantasy! Created by Jillian's grandfather twenty years before, Daniel has existed in paper doll form for a very long time. Now that he's human, he must convince Jillian that she's ready to heal her broken heart and find love again. He also needs to convince her that he's been designed for one purpose - to be her one and only dream date!

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