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The Song, so called, here consists of words to be read aloud. It is a collection of parts intended for recitation. A large section of the “Song”, in “remastered” form, is a story in a form that can be re-enacted. It is “remastered”, like getting a good “master” copy for music, because it is put back in the form it was intended to be in. Will this be accepted in proven religion? I present this book as a challenge to those that have never considered alternatives to the form given in the Bible. Do their ideas make more sense?The “Shelomith” whose name is on the front cover is the last prince listed in II Chronicles 11:20.Kenneth A. Klarner is someone who has analyzed the Song of Solomon and other parts of the Bible and sees stories that are beneath the surface. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1969 and continues to live in Wisconsin, lately becoming an author. Ken does not believe the term “author” is quite correct for this remastered, so-called, form of the Song of Solomon, but it is his work of reconstruction of the order, of recompiling, that has produced this. He hopes you will enjoy reading his book.
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