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This book, Hausa Songs and Shari'ah Implementation, focuses on the influence of Shari'ah implementation on Hausa oral songs. The book classifies oral songs into two major categories: Pre-Shari'ah and Post- Shari'ah songs. Pre-Shari'ah songs are many and free, in their diction, from Shari'ah influence in handling topics that is either of childbirth, marriage, farming, polygamy or death. Religious references are either unconsciously or connotatively used in pre-Shari'ah songs. Post-Shari'ah songs are minimized and restricted by Shari'ah policy. This is seen in the post-Shari'ah songs, which are directly, or indirectly religiously conscious. The book presents Sub-genres of Pre-Shari'ah and Post-Shari'ah oral songs with adequate examples. It also defines the position of oral songs and that of oral singers. The book established the fact that Shari'ah policy has not only changed the diction of the Post-Shari'ah songs but also the lives of oral artistes and public function.
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