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Finally together, Ryan and Julia settle in New York City, Ryan beginning his residency at a hospital in Manhattan where Julia is working at Vogue Magazine. They are happy, but their busy schedules make time together scarce. During a trip to Boston for Aaron and Jenna's wedding, Ryan and Julia share some much needed time alone and decide it's time to begin their family. They soon discover all is not well between Julia's best friend, Ellie, and her beau, Harris. Later, when Ellie calls Julia, her situation with Harris escalating, Julia rushes to L.A. to console her friend, which unfortunately coincides with Ryan's time off and an optimal conception opportunity. He is angry and picks up another shift during which a gang rushes the ER to kill off a gunshot victim Ryan is treating. Julia manages a late flight, but returns to hear breaking news of the trouble at the hospital. Frantic she rushes to the scene to find Ryan and others, some critically, injured. The days and months that follow find a grateful Ryan and Julia befriending the nurse who saved Ryan's life, in the absence of her boyfriend and families concern. As she recovers, the nurse, Jane, becomes more reliant on Ryan's presence in her life. Julia is torn; the gratitude she feels is conflicted with resentment when the other woman tries to get closer to Ryan. A faithful Ryan sees Julia's withdrawal as distrust and fights ensue, despite his attempts to show where his heart truly lies. Jane pushes...

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