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Книга "The Collected Young Readers Fiction of E. Nesbit-Volume 2. The Bastable Family Chronicles-The Story of the Treasure Seekers, The Wouldbegoods, The Red House (Extract), The New Treasure Seekers: Or the Bastable Children in Search of a Fortune & Oswald Bast".Three wonderful volumes of classic fantastical children's fictionEveryone familiar with children's fiction has heard of Edith Nesbit, who is rightly acclaimed as the first modern writer for children and the originator of the children's adventure story. Her influence on other children's writers, including those active and popular today is undeniable, not least because her stories feature believable contemporary children journeying to imaginary worlds and times for adventures with fantastical creatures and magical objects. Of consistently high quality, her writing is enthralling, direct and immediately engaging-so much so that many adults remember them fondly and re-read them throughout their lives. Leonaur has gathered together the three principal series of Nesbit's fiction in good value editions for new readers and for those for whom their nostalgia is irresistible. The Psammead Adventures, of course, feature the magical but truculent wish granting sand-fairy discovered in a gravel-pit. The Mouldiwarp Adventures continue in similar vein as the fantastical Mouldiwarp assists two children travel through time to find a lost fortune. The wonderful Bastable series sees the widowed Oswald Ba...
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